High Voltage-Multiplexer

The 19" high voltage matrix is used for switching/multiplexing high voltage potential tests. With this solution, it is possible to specifically select contact points via which a HiPot test checks the dielectric strength of a DUT.

Special connectors allow voltages of up to 15kV and the systems are available from 4 to 48 (x2) channels.

HV Matrix

Here is an overview of all available HV Multiplexers. All have Discharging Relays to discharge the potential after each test and are easily integrated via the standard CAN bus and the Phi6 driver.

Download Datasheet HV Matrix

Kanalanzahl Maximale Spannung
5kV 10kV 15kV
Part Nr.
1x4 H7300 351A H7300 351B H7300 351C
1x8 H7300 352A H7300 352B H7300 352C
2x4 H7300 354A H7300 354B H7300 354C
2x8 H7300 358A H7300 358B H7300 358C
2x16 H7300 35BA H7300 35BB H7300 35BC
2x32 H7300 35DA H7300 35DB H7300 35DC
2x48 H7300 35GA H7300 35GB H7300 35GC

Cable Solutions

In order to connect the matrix to the system in the best possible way, we offer patchcords with matching mating connectors.

Typ Maximale Spannung
5kV 10kV / 15kV
Part Nr.
HV Patchcord
Single ended - 2m
H7300 35C1 H7300 35C2
HV Patchcord
Double ended - 1m
H7300 35C3 H7300 35C4
HV Plug Konnektor 372949 AE624
ATTENTION: unused connections must not remain open and must be provided with a plug, which is placed directly on the connection of the matrix!