Software for your test application

With our 6TL FastATE solutions, you can easily implement a wide range of software to achieve your test requirements and goals. In addition to our own Phi6 software for controlling the modular test platforms, FastATE modules and YAV cards, we also offer drivers for the execution of TestStand and Labview software from National Instruments.

To further increase productivity and simplify the user interface of your test system software, we work closely with the company CIM, which has developed the "FlexStand" software, giving you the ability to create an operator-customized interface for LabView.

Please contact us, we will gladly help you with all your test software requirements.


Phi6 was created by 6TL as a software environment to manage, control and program 6TL devices and test systems.

There are 3 main Phi6 components:

  • Phi6 Explorer: Configure, calibrate, and quickly operate YAV boards. (Free)
  • Phi6 LabVIEW and TestStand driver: LabVIEW and TestStand functions necessary to interface with the YAV boards. (Free)
  • Phi6 Operator Interface: Operation and management of 6TL test platforms. (OPTION)

The LabVIEW driver is compatible with LabVIEW versions 10.0 and higher. For compatibility with previous versions please contact us.

Download Datasheet Phi6


Simplify your test process by using the CIM FlexStand Operator Interface

FlexStand Operator Interface is a flexible graphical operator interface for NI TestStand. It provides a user-friendly platform to build your own custom TestStand operator interface, using the easy-to-use LabVIEW environment. Only basic LabVIEW and TestStand skills are required.

FLEXSTAND OI has been awarded "Add-on of the Year" 2011 by National Instruments.

Please contact us for more information about the CIM FlexStand Operator Interface.

Download Datasheet CIM FlexStand Operator Interface

NI Software

Our partners 6TL and CIM are registered Alliance Members of National Instruments.

All our FastATE Solutions work hand in hand with NI TestStand and LabView Software.

If you need more information regarding the NI software, please feel free to contact us.

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