6TL Universal Test Platforms

Our choice of universal test platforms is based on the 6TL FastATE technology, which provides modular, scalable and flexible test solutions while reducing time to test and integration costs. All systems are compatible with our 6TL YAV boards and allow direct integration of standard PXI chassis as well as easy configuration with our FastATE modules. To cover all your ATE requirements, our systems are divided into 3 main groups: benchtop testing, offline testing and in-line testing. These systems are suitable for ISP, RF, ICT and functional testing as well as for prototyping, R & D and quality control.

You are looking for a solution for low, medium or high requirements for your production test? We have a system that meets your needs.


Our 6TL benchtop test systems can be used for development, prototyping and small batch production. These systems use our interchangeable FastATE cassette systems and are available in standardized configurations and sizes. System can be configured according to your needs.




The 6TL offline test systems are the universal basis for all small, medium and high batch test requirements. They are modular, robust and are available in standardized configurations and sizes. The basic system configuration is done using our FastATE modules and solutions and each system can be individually configured according to your test requirements and configuration.




6TL-24 Combi


Our 6TL in-line test systems are high-end handlers based on our FastATE technology and suitable for medium to high batch test requirements. There are ICT, FCT, HF and HighPot options available, as well as multi-station and large PCB options. Our handlers are designed for SMEMA.