6TL-08 Compact Benchtop Testing


Ideal for development tasks, prototyping, quality control and production in small batches. The 6TL-08 base platform was developed to cover the most common requirements for test and in-system programming (ISP) with a reduced budget. The system incorporates a robust manual linear push mechanism and interchangeable cassette system, which enables a flexible device strategy in a compact system.

The 6TL-08 is available in three standard configurations as well as in two different sizes (Narrow + Wide).

Download Datasheet 6TL-08


  • Platform operation: Offline
  • Type: Compact, Benchtop
  • Dimensions: Narrow (N) 497 x 677 x 342mm; Wide (W) 780 x 677 x 342mm
  • Weight: (N) 27kg; (W) 32kg
  • Hold-down system: 2,000 N maximum force
  • Adapter system: needle bed and hold-down plate
  • Maximum test area: (N) 250 x 303mm; (W) 250 x 580 mm
  • Free space for instruments, etc .: (N) 220 x 260 x 120; (W) 500 x 260 x 120
  • Platform Control Panel: 2 buttons - START / OK and CANCEL / FAIL
  • Power supply: 85-265 VAC, 260W; IEC 60320-1 / C14 Inlet plug with switch and protection fuse.
  • Safety Management: Emergency Stop; Switch; Safety relay and 2 fuses (EN 954-1, EN ISO 13849-1).
  • Display: 17'' monitor
  • Keyboard and Mouse: Foldable Keyboard with Trackball Kit (in all versions as default except BASIC)


6TL-08 Basic

Order Number SISH71000800

A cost-effective, stand-alone tester with test executive software running on the YAV90MMU. The programming of the test sequence is done with an Excel® table.


6TL-08 Advanced

Order Number SISH710008NA

A low to mid price, stand-alone tester with a PC that can use LabVIEW / TestStand, Visual Basic, or other software development tools to create test sequences.


6TL-08 Universal

Order Number SISH710008NU

Like the Advanced version, but with an advanced compact measuring unit: DMM, function generator, oscilloscope, logic analyzer, DIO and power supplies.

Plus & Premium

6TL-08 Plus and Premium

Order Number SISH710008NP / SISH710008NB

As a PXI-based, stand-alone compact tester that extends the capabilities of the base platform to high-frequency measurements or sophisticated SMUs, it offers stimulation, measurement, communication and digitization options. Any additional instrumentation bus for rack and stack instruments can be implemented.

Wide Version

6TL-08 Wide Version

Order Number SISH710008Wx

This tester has the same features as the 6TL-08 Narrow, but for wider boards, up to 250x500mm.

6TL-08 Narrow fixtures are compatible.

X Version

6TL-08 X Version

Order Number SISH710008X

This tester has the same features as the 6TL-08 Narrow, but for wider boards, up to 370x580mm.

6TL-08 Narrow fixtures are compatible.