6TL-33 In-Line Test Handler


The 6TL-33 is a high-end test handler based on fastATE technology that stands for true hard and software modularity and full scalability. For medium to high production requirements where flexible ATEs are needed.

On multi-station test benches (more than one 6TL-33 in parallel operation), the operation is set and monitored by the master station (first cell). The SJAT (Smart Jig Assignment Technology) considers all handlers as a group to coordinate the test execution, bypass and return conveyors, thereby maintaining optimal test performance.

In addition, all information on repairs or test traceability is managed and provided through the test system software.

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  • Platform operation: in-line
  • Type: Test Handler with 19" Rack and Bypass
  • Handling time: 4.5s (from "DUT-detected" to "ready-to-test")
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 796 x 1500 x 1750mm
  • Weight: 350 Kg
  • Hold-down unit: automatic hold down, max. 3000N
  • Test adapter type: top and bottom plate (double-sided testing); Baseband or HF; Multi-Stage (ICT, FCT, HighPot)
  • Test area: 388 x 382mm
  • PCB edge: min. 3mm
  • Max. Height of components above: 100mm
  • Max. Height of components below: 12mm
  • Capacity: 19" rack 24U
  • Platform Manager: MMI (Man Machine Interface H73000700) for performance, temperature and safety management
  • Platform Controller: IPC
  • SMEMA: SMEMA Extended, transport height 940 to 965mm
  • Display: 10" touch TFT monitor.
  • Keyboard and mouse: keyboard with EU layout and trackball
  • Inbegriffene YAVModule: YAV90PNE (Pneumatisches Subsystem); 5bar


6TL-33 Multistation

Order Number SISH71003302 / SISH710033LS

Available as a multi station inline test system, with one master cell and multiple slave cells (max.4 cells total). Each test cell has a bypass function to achieve full parallelism in test.

An optional return conveyor allows the return of filtered PCBs to the beginning of the line, after the test sequence. 

Large PCB Area

6TL-35 Large PCB Area

Order Number SISH7100350S

The 6TL-35 is a top-class, servo-driven test handler with a modular control concept, equipped with FastATE technology.

A test line based on 6TL-35 handlers can be configured with a combination of single and multiple stations depending on customer layout and/or production volume.

The tester has a sturdy mechanical press system built on four spindles and slide columns, driven by a digitally controlled servomotor.

The 6TL-35 is designed for high-dimensional DUTs up to 455 x 600 mm.