YAV Modules

The YAV modules from 6TL Engineering cover a wide range of standard tasks (switching, multiplexing, DIOs, AIOs), which are often sufficient for the basic requirements of the test system. The modular concept allows it to be integrated into any kind of test and technology. Each YAV module leads to a more efficient and reliable test solution. This is achieved by performing the computing process directly behind the interface of the test system. No cables are needed for the signals because the interface module is soldered directly to the PCB.

  • Less latency of the signals
  • Better signal integrity
  • More accurate readings
  • Lower costs because large amounts of cable are eliminated
  • Simplified maintenance

YAV modules are controlled via the CAN-bus connector. 6TL offers a standard driver "Phi6" for National Instruments NI-LabVIEW. The YAV modules can also be operated directly, with other test software.

Power supply + switching units




RF + A/V

Digital und Analog I/O's



Color measurement

Pneumatic Subsystems

Active switching units + interfaces

ISP / COM / Packs