Selected Partners

Through the close and long-standing cooperation with our selected partners, we can offer you the best possible support for your test requirements. As a partner of the industry for COTS, as well as customized solutions, we can accompany your test and measurement needs from the idea to the finished product.

Here you will find a selection of our selected partners:

6TL Engineering

Bercelona-based 6TL Engineering is a subsidiary of the Sistel Group and a NI Alliance member with more than 25 years of experience in the design of modular hardware modules.

MIC Mass Interface Connections GmbH is the official sales and support partner for 6TL in Germany and Austria since 2010.

Using our FastATE technology, we are able to standardize the architecture of the test system, while drastically reducing the overall cost of the investment.

6TL Products

Optomistic Products

With it's Universal LightProbe solution, Optomistic has been a leader in LED testing for more than 27 years.  Providing you with an accurate, reliable and cost-effective solutions for almost any LED test requirement.

MIC Mass Interface Connections GmbH has been the official sales and support partner for Optomistic in Germany and Austria since 2017.

As the need for reliable and cost-effective LED test solutions in the industry becomes more important, we are pleased to have the Optomistic product line in our portfolio.

Optomistic Products


A Denmark-based company with expertise in test solutions, production IT, machine vision and data logging. CIM has been working in the field of Test and Measurement since 1998.

CIM is a NI National Instruments Gold Alliance member and was the recipiant of the 2011 "Add-on of the Year" award for its Flexstand OI software.

MIC, 6TL and CIM work closely to provide you with the best possible software architecture for your testing needs.

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bavAIRia e.V.

bavAIRia e.V. was commissioned by the Bavarian state government with the management of the cluster Aerospace. The aim of bavAIRia is to identify the Bavarian core competences in aviation, aerospace and space applications and to strengthen the networking of the competence carriers in order to increase the global competitiveness of these industries.

MIC Mass Interface Connections has been a member of bavAIRia for over 5 years.

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