Automated IN-LINE Testing

Making IN-LINE Testing easy.

Simplify the architecture of the in-line test systems to dramatically minimize the time to test and total cost of ownership. This technology is called fastATE.

The Task

The tough task engineer’s face in creating test systems today is to reduce the overall cost of the solution and make it more efficient, without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. The solutions must be competitive to get the best product and shorten the time-to-market. How can you gain this flexibility but still cover all technological needs?

The Solution

The 6TL-33 is a high-quality electronics test handler based on fastATE technology that stands for true hardware and software modularity and full scalability. For medium to high production requirements where flexible ATEs are needed, the 6TL-33 is your reliable solution.

On multi-station test benches (more than one 6TL-33 in parallel operation), the operation is set and monitored by the master station. SJAT (Smart Jig Assignment Technology) recognizes all handlers as a group to coordinate the test execution, bypass and return conveyors, thereby maintaining optimal test performance. In addition, all information on repairs or traceability is managed, provided and documented by the system.

The operational reliability of each handler is ensured by a completely independent power supply and control for the conveyor belts to obtain a fault-tolerant line (when a handler is stopped, the line continues to produce thanks to the bypass).

The auto-lock function, adapter recognition as well as the controlled automatic release make a test adapter replacement easy and safe. Touchscreen monitors provide detailed status and progress of the test execution.

The 6TL-33 has a high-performance platform manager, the 6TL MMI, which controls the power supply, the test stand ventilation and the system maintenance thanks to intelligent PDUs (sequential activation and instrument deactivation via software).