MMI - Test bench monitoring

Become more efficient in the design of your test bench!

Optimize resources and reduce the development time of your test system by separating the test bench and measurement tasks.

Use standard products that already have the basic test bench monitoring tasks integrated.

The Task

When designing a test system, engineers must consider testing, control, and measurement tasks as well as how to monitor the test bench, what security features are involved, and how to manage and distribute power.

Ordinarily, special test solutions are developed for test bench monitoring that are neither standardized nor certified. These cost time and do not belong to the actual task/development of the test procedure. Typically these solutions are also not scalable.

The Solution

The 6TL MMI module performs these safety-related tasks, such as monitoring and power management needed in every rack-based test system. The time to integrate these tasks is reduced to zero, as these requirements such as safety relays, EPO, on/off, operator communication and others are already integrated in the 6TL MMI module.

In addition, 6TL has implemented features that are mostly desirable but rarely implemented because the development time for each custom solution, the engineering cost, and the integration time are too high.

These include: automated temperature monitoring and associated fan control, programmable I/Os, safety and light barriers, system control, displays, alarm settings and operating time.

Another fastATE module that can be connected directly to the 6TL MMI module is the 6TL PDU, an intelligent power distribution unit, which makes your test system more efficient. With 8 CAN bus-controlled, switched and monitored outlets; this module gives the ATE developer the power to control the rack-embedded devices, as well as a sequenced and clean boot routine of the test system. This helps to protect your test system.

The combination of 6TL MMI and PDU allows the ATE designer full control over the test system and its integrated instruments.