Optomistic Products, with its “Universal LightProbes” product line, has been a leader in LED testing for more than 27 years, providing you with an accurate, reliable, and cost-effective solution for almost any LED test requirement.

The innovative two-part technology is based on a combination of various pre-programmed sensors and a large selection of Fiber-optic Probes, which distinguish the Optomistic "Universal LightProbe" LED test solution.

Your LED test solution in 2 easy steps:

  1. Select a preprogrammed ULP sensor that meets your testing and output requirements:
    Intensity, status, and analog or digital connection capabilities.

  2. Choose one of the interchangeable Fiber-Optic Probes that meets your test requirements:
    Mechanical contraints, aperture, cable type and working distance from the LEDs.

The ability to connect multiple probes to the same sensor makes the solution efficient and space saving.

Which Sensor is Best for My Test:

What do you test?

Universal LightProbe Sensor Type Output
Penta Penta High Sensitivity Spectra Spectra USB Unicolor Unicolor Digital Blinx Digital Ultra High Sensitivity Low Sensitivity Very Low Sensitivity

5 main LED colours (B,G,Y,O,R) + White / Intensity

* *                 Analog

Any colour in visual spectrum + White / Intensity

    *               Analog

Any colour in visual spectrum + White / Intensity

      *             Serial Digital

Any single colour or white + IR or UV

        *           Analog
ON/OFF any single colour           *         Digital

ON/OFF only Insensitive to colour

            * *     Digital

Very bright LEDs

                * * Varies

Very dim LEDs

  *         * *     Varies

Blinking LEDs

            *       Digital
Which Fiber-optic Probe is Best for My Test

What do you test?

Probe Type
Small Aperture Probes Duplex & Trident
Small-Aperture Probes
Wide-Aperture Probes Wide-Aperture Probes
Contacting Tips
Very-Wide Aperture Probes Super-Flexible Wide-Aperture Probes "Periscope"
Wide-Aperture Probe
"Rigid" Stainless Steel Wide-Aperture Probes
Closely spaced LEDs * *            

2-3 LEDs with 1 Sensor


Mis-alignment of probe tip to LED



    * * *    

Intensity Test


Difficult to access

        * *    

Side facing


Install sensor without clamp