ULP Accessories

Optomistic Products offers various accessories to make the use and installation of Universal LightProbes quick and easy. These include brackets for the ULP Sensors and Probes, as well as Universal LightProbe connection cables.

Sensor Clamp


With our Universal Sensor Clamp, you can directly integrate all ULP Sensors into your test environment with just one screw.

Probe Clamp


With this specially developed ULP Probe Clamp, you can attach all ULP Probes directly to your testbed. This allows a safe vertical distance over the LEDs to be tested.

Socket Clamp


Secures the stainless steel tips on the test bed. For Fiber-optic Probes with small apertures, including the Trident Probe.

A simple and cost-effective option for mounting Small Aperture Probes on the test bed. To insert and remove the clamp, a tool is needed.

Connection cable


We offer you a complete set of cable harnesses, colour coded and labeled according to the ULP Sensors. These cables are pre-assembled by us as standard and ready for immediate use.