ULP S2 Blinx Digital Sensor


Universal LightProbe Blinx Digital Sensors are sensors designed for easy on / off testing of any flashing, pulsating or even stable LED with fast results from a digital output.


Typical response time

  • Detection < 1 ms
  • T < 20 ms total for the output

On / Off answer

  • Tests the on / off status of any LED colour from low to very bright
  • Tests stable or flashing / pulsed LEDs up to a frequency of 15 Hz and for brighter LEDs also higher rates
  • Supplies a logic "1" (5V) only when the LED is lit and a logic "0" (0V) when the LED is off.
  • The sensor is 'colourblind' and reacts to all colours
  • Provides the simplest and fastest 1-bit digital interface to the test bench

Output impedance (for intensity and colour)

  • 20mA max. (Source/sink)
  • Non-inductive


  • Blinx Digital Sensors do not provide intensity output
  • When the right colour is detected, the sensor responds to a large dynamic range
  • Suitable for SMD LEDs of at least 0.125 mcd, at a flashing rate of 15Hz
  • Also for already installed display LEDs (for example RJ45 T-1 / 3mm LEDs of 0.5 mcd min., With a flash rate of 15Hz, or higher for brighter LEDs)

Available products

ULP-S2 BLX HS S2 Blinx Digital High Sensitivity Sensor
ULP-S2 BLX LS S2 Blinx Digital Low Sensitivity Sensor
ULP-S2 BLX VLS S2 Blinx Digital Very Low Sensitivity Sensor