ULP S2 Penta Sensor


The Universal LightProbe Penta Sensor features analog voltage outputs for colour and intensity, and has a built-in colour sorting system.  Therefore, the wavelength of the LED in the ATE software does not need not be converted to visible colours, which saves valuable time to test.


Typical response time

  • Capture < 10ms
  • T < 100ms total for the output of colour and intensity at the same time.

Colour response

  • 5 main colours for LEDs and white
  • Unique and stable analog voltage output
  • The colour output is independent of the LED intensity
    • Blue: 1,0V
    • Green: 1,5V
    • Yellow: 2,0V
    • Orange: 2,5V
    • Red: 3,0V
    • White: 3,5V

Output impedance (for intensity and colour)

  • Resistance ≥ 2 kohms
  • Capacity ≤ 100pF


  • Analog voltage output 0-4V
  • Mapping in Millicandelas (mcd)
  • CIE Photopic curve-corrected
  • For LEDs from 1mcd to 20,000mcd

Available products

ULP-S2 PCI/V HS S2 Penta High Sensitivity Sensor
ULP-S2 PCI/V LS S2 Penta Low Sensitivity Sensor
ULP-S2 PCI/V VLS S2 Penta Very Low Sensitivity Sensor