ULP S2 Spectra Sensor


The Universal LightProbe Spectra Sensor tests each colour (incl. white) and their intensity in the visual spectrum. Spectra Sensors are also well-suited for border colour LED testing as they allow the user to set their own PASS / FAIL colour limits.


Typical response time

  • Capture < 10ms
  • T < 100ms total for the output of colour and intensity at the same time

Colour response

  • Each LED colour in the spectrum 400 to 700nm and white
  • Unique and stable analog voltage output
  • LED wavelength = 100*(Vout+4)nm
  • White: 3,5V

Output impedance (for intensity and colour)

  • Resistance ≥ 2Kohms
  • Capacity ≤ 100pF


Typical answer for a green PLCC LED tested with a Universal LightProbe Spectra Sensor and a Small Aperture Probe.

  • Analog voltage output 0-4V
  • Mapping in Millicandelas (mcd)
  • CIE Photopic curve-corrected
  • For LEDs from 1 mcd to 20,000 mcd
  • Also available in High Sensitivity version

Available products

ULP-S2 WBI/V LS S2 Spectra Low Sensitivity Sensor
ULP-S2 WBI/V VLS S2 Spectra Very Low Sensitivity Sensor