ULP S2 Unicolour Digital Sensor


Universal LightProbe Unicolour Digital Sensors are designed for easy on / off testing and colour verification of a single colour LED. You have a 1-bit digital output. This gives the PASS / FAIL status quickly and without further processing from the test bench.


Typical response time

  • Detection < 10 ms
  • T < 65 ms in total for the output

Colour response

  • Tests the colour of an LED and gives a logical "1" (5V) only when the LED is lit in the specified colour
  • For the 5 main LED colours (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red) and White
  • Sensor is insensitive to the "wrong" colour

Output impedance (for colour)

  • 20mA max. (Source/sink)
  • Non-inductive


  • Unicolour digital sensors do not provide intensity output
  • When the right colour is detected, the sensor responds to a large dynamic range
  • No adjustments to the intensity necessary

Available products

ULP-S2 SCC LS S2 Unicolor Digital Low Sensitivity Sensor
ULP-S2 SCC VLS S2 Unicolor Digital Very Low Sensitivity Sensor