ULP S2 Unicolour Sensor


Universal LightProbe Unicolour Sensors are designed for the intensity test of any one of the five major LED colours (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red) and White, as well as Infrared and UV.


Typical response time

  • Detection < 10 ms
  • T < 65 ms in total for the output of the intensity

Colour response

  • Analog output voltage of 0-4V only of the LED intensity and only for the specified colour.
  • For the 5 main LED colours (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red) and White
  • For infrared LEDs / emitters from 700nm to 1,000nm
  • For UV LEDs / emitters from 365 nm to 400 nm
  • Sensor is insensitive to the "wrong" colour

Note: IR light sources for specific IR wavelengths are also available.

Output impedance (for colour)

  • Resistance ≥ 2Kohms
  • Capacity ≤ 100pF


Typical answer for a green PLCC LED tested with a Universal LightProbe Unicolour Sensor and a Small Aperture Probe.

  • Analog voltage output 0-4V
  • Mapping in Millicandelas (mcd)
  • C.I.U. photopic curve-corrected
  • For LEDs from 1 mcd to 20,000 mcd

Available products

ULP-S2 SCI/V LS S2 Unicolor Low Sensitivity Sensor
ULP-S2 SCI/V VLS S2 Unicolor Very Low Sensitivity Sensor