ULP Spectra USB Sensor


The Universal LightProbe Spectra USB Sensor tests the intensity and any colour in the visual spectrum (incl. white). The linear assignment to the colour is transferred to the PC via the serial interface USB.


Typical response time

  • Integrated Mini-USB Type B connector; including USB cable
  • Typical response time: t < 250 ms in total for the output of colour and intensity as serial bit-stream

Colour response

  • Each LED colour in the spectrum 400 to 700nm and white
  • Serial digital output of colour
  • "w" = colours wavelength in 0.1nm
  • Or white: "w" a value according to the CCT
    (see Application Note 39)
  • Can be integrated in NI LabVIEW via VISA


There is a standard five-pin mini-type B USB port built into the USB sensor. The USB cable is included.


Typical answer for a green PLCC LED tested with a Universal LightProbe USB Sensor and a Small Aperture Probe.

  • Serial digital output of intensity
  • CIE Photopic curve-corrected
  • For LEDs from 0.03 mcd to 18.300 mcd
  • Higher intensity for the following versions:

Available products

ULP SPECTRA USB LS Spectra USB Low Sensitivity Sensor
ULP SPECTRA USB VLS Spectra USB Very Low Sensitivity Sensor