fastATE Technology

FastATE is a technology for integrating Automated Test Equipment based on the use of intelligent modules (modularity) to create a turnkey solution. Each module covers one of the required functions of the test bench and shares information with the remaining modules using standard CAN-bus Communication.  This intelligence is not focused on a single controller that needs to receive all the I/Os, but on the individual modules themselves. All our FastATE solutions are easily integrated into the test system using our Phi6 software and drivers.

A test bench using this technology reduces the wiring in its architecture to an absolute minimum, cutting lead time to test and total cost of investment.


MMI: Safety & Power Management

Order Number SISH73000301 / SISH73000700

The MMI (Man-Machine-Interface) module is the heart of the test bench and fulfills safety-related tasks, such as test bench monitoring and power management, which must be implemented in every rack-based test system. Functions include: Safety relays, EPO, on/off, operator communication and more are already integrated in the 6TL MMI.

In addition, 6TL has implemented functions that are mostly desired, but rarely implemented, due to development time for each special solution and the high engineering costs.

Further functions of the MMI include: Automated temperature monitoring and associated fan control, programmable I/Os, safety compliance, photoelectric sensors, on-system control, indicators, alarm settings and operating times.

With our 6TL FastATE Man Machine Interface you have total control over your test system and are able to reduce your time to test and cost of investment.

Satisfied safety guidelines: EN 60947-5-1, EN 60204 and VDE 0113-1

Download Datasheet 6TL-MMI


PDU: Power Distribution Unit

Order Number SISH730008xS

The PDU, our intelligent power distribution unit makes your test system more efficient. With 8 CAN-Bus controlled, switched and monitored ports, this FastATE module gives the developer the possibility to control the power of the rack-integrated devices, as well as a sequenced and clean boot routine of the test system.

The consumption of the test bench is efficiently reduced by selectively switching on, and or off the different connections as needed.  This not only decreases the wear and tear of your test instrumentation, but also cuts cost on power consumption.

Connection options for different countries and standards are available.

Download Datasheet 6TL-PDU

FastATE Accessories

CAN-Bus controlled Power Supply 510W

Order Number SISH73000900

  • 19" Rack mount, 1U
  • Outputs: 5V/40A; 2x12V/20A; 24V/3A
  • I sense and V trim.
  • Uses VPC iCon connectors

CAN-Bus controlled three color light tower

Order Number SISH78001000

  • Removable status light tower with high brightness (70 mm diameter)
  • Magnetic fixation
  • CAN-Bus controlled “Plug & Play”
  • Optional 106 dB acoustic alarm

CAN-Bus controlled Temperature, Humidity, Pressure Transmitter

Order Number SISAK087

  • Relative Humidity Accuracy + 2%
  • Temperature Accuracy + 0.2ºC
  • CAN-Bus Interface at 50 kbps
  • Low cost RJ45 Connector
  • Addresses up to 16 units
  • LabVIEW drivers available

Sound harmonics and current analyzer

Order Number SISH74050100

  • Temporal and spectral sound analysis and current consumption.
  • Comparison of data acquired against master data to determine OK or NOTOK
  • High speed response
  • Communication with the PLC of the production machine
  • Ethernet communication with the production data base

Precision pushing system with flipper

Order Number SISH71007100

  • Easy operator access for loading and unloading the DUT, thanks to the flip operation performed by the Flipper module.
  • Combined test (Hipot, ICT & Funcional)
  • Rack&stack module for 19 inch frame
  • 6 U height (266,7 mm 10.5”)
  • Pushing force up to 900N (more than 400 needles @2N)
  • Power supply 230V 50-60 Hz. Compressed air not required
  • High dynamics and precission CNC servocontroller
  • PCB areas up to 232x358mm. Bigger areas available under request.
  • Control either through CAN-Bus or digital I/O.
  • Virtual Operation panel
  • Interchangeable cassette for upper bed of nails or actuators
  • Minimum electrical connections