6TL-36 In-Line Test System


Our partner 6TL Engineering will present their new 6TL-36 test handler at this year's Productronica exhibition. The 6TL-36 is the first inline test system on the market which can also integrate RF (Radio Frequency) tests into production lines. When utilizing our modular FastATE concept, this provides the ability to include multiple test stations in one production line, for coordinated and parallel test stations and shorten test cycle times.

As a further development of our 6TL-33 inline test systems, 6TL Engineering has developed the new 6TL-36 as a high-end solution for the latest challenges of IoT (Instrument under Test) and the production of networked products (Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.). The 6TL-36 can be directly integrated in all our inline test systems. The new 6TL-36 test handler is able to perform all common tests for electronics manufacturing (MDA, ICT, functional test and Boundary Scan). In addition, a radio-frequency shielded box (Faraday cage) with a 55 dB / 6 GHz attenuation can be integrated. This means that radio frequency tests can also be performed in the test line environment. With these features, the 6TL-36 provides a solution for in-line testing of products with any type of technology, including wireless protocols. Providing a secure solution for all your future test needs.

Download Datasheet 6TL-36
Download overview of all 6TL inline systems


  • Platform operation: in-line
  • Type: Test Handler with 19 "Rack and Bypass
  • Handling time: 3.5s (from "DUT-detected" to "ready-to-test")
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 800 x 1500 x 1800mm
  • Weight: 440 kg * Hold down unit: automatic hold down, max. 4000 kg
  • Test adapter type: top and bottom plate (double-sided testing); RF test, ICT, ISP and FCT
  • PCB test area (min-max): 50x50mm - 388x382mm (340x350mm for RF)
  • PCB edge: min. 3mm * Max. Height of components above: 90mm
  • Max. Height of components below: 30mm
  • Capacity: 19 "rack 20U
  • Platform Manager: MMI (Man Machine Interface H73000700) for performance, temperature and safety management
  • Platform Controller: IPC
  • SMEMA: SMEMA Extended, SMEMA-Hermes
  • Display: 14" touch TFT monitor and 22" TFT inline master
  • Keyboard and mouse: keyboard with EU layout and trackball
  • Compressed air up to 6 bar
  • CE certified, ESD safe